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A Sampling of Artistic Projects

Visual Arts

These stunning paintings by internationally renowned artist by Martha Goetz exemplify our artistic charism.  On one hand, the devotional work movingly reverences and conveys an essential truth of our Faith without the difficulty imposed by words.  On the other, the more secular work, named "Avarice," uses exquisite technical command of both human emotion and the beauty of the natural world as the "tip of the sword" to reach the heart of the viewer--here in a meditation on material vanity.  Both demonstrate a virtuosity achieved through the focused discipline that is itself an offering to God and a central part of our prayer life.

EWTN and NEA Media Projects


Familia Victricis emerged organically from a long history of associates collaborating to produce works in line with our charism.  A proud example is the television special Saving San Miguel Mission aired to over a quarter billion homes globally on EWTN in 2015.  It typifies our work by presenting a classical music concert in which faith history is gently and engagingly presented through the medium of emotionally and devotionally stirring music and visual art.  The concert program, in its turn, generated substantial funds to restore the bell tower of the oldest church in the United States. 

A grant from the National Endowment for the Arts helped us to continue producing similarly meaningful work, thanks to the extraordinary contributions of our members who work in educational outreach and charitable funding.  Our newest feature documentary, Enduring Legacy, featuring the unique Catholic heritage preserved in New Mexico's artistic traditions, recently premiered on EWTN.  A captivating still from the film, capturing the specially blessed character our beautiful Northern New Mexico faith inheritance, is below.  Expanding in scale, two major features are scheduled for filming in 2020.

Liturgical Music Education and Development


Perhaps the most important endeavor of our artistic apostolate is a program seeking to equip parish musicians with the theological understandings and practical musical tools necessary to effectively foster Eucharistic devotion and the full participation of the faithful in the Catholic Mass.  The project is explored extensively at the website:

Performing Arts


Much like our visual arts, our classical performing arts have sacred and secular dimensions.  The videos below include devotional music performed in the chapel of our Patroness, La Conquistadora, and a scene from a secular opera with a Catholic setting, Suor Angelica.  Along with Dialogues of the Carmelites, it's once of our community's favorites for conveying truths to the heart through beauty and drama.

The work of more feaured artists to come soon...

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